Am I too old to learn Yoseikan Karate ?

The simple answer is No !

In fact our Master continued to practice & teach Yoseikan up to his death at 98 yrs !

Our senior student class is suitable for students aged from early teens 13+yrs upwards through your adult years or at least until the time comes that you feel no longer able to take enjoyment from the class.

Yoseikan focuses on the practice of traditional Mixed Martial Arts, a culture that embraces older students for it is considered to be a life times vocation.

In Japan Yoseikan Instructors are required to prove their competence in a multitude of separate martial arts disciplines to a high Black Belt Degree level in each art.

These disciplines include: Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido & Kobudo ( traditional Japanese weapons)

Our senior class focuses on keeping the martial arts traditions alive, practicing the old kata forms and developing each students maximum potential no matter what their age or gender.

Traditional martial arts is as much about developing the students character as it is about practicing self defence techniques whilst helping build self confidence and a deep sense of moral justice.

We also focus on mobility rather than flexibility which one of the key ingredients to having longevity in martial arts.

If your interested in finding out more about joining our club follow the link to our web site below

or simply text our Chief Instructor on: 07887 898159

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