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Since our founding, The YOSEIKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION U.K has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their journey of discovery into the traditional culture of Japanese Budo Arts.

Yoseikan combines elements from Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido and Kobudo

( Traditional Japanese Weapon Training ) 

We provide a professional and established system with a wide range of courses to support students

from all ages, backgrounds and levels.

The First Yoseikan Dojo was established in the Shizouka province of Japan in the 1930's by the late

Master Minoru Mochizuki 1907 - 2003.
Minoru Mochizuki was the first Japanese Master to formally organise the budo arts

into a complete Mixed martial arts system which included Karate, Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Kobudo.
In 1954 Minoru Mochizuki taught the first European students following an invitation to teach for the founder of the French Karate Federation Henri Plee.
In 1955 Henri Plee invited Sensei Vernon C. F.  Bell to France to study Yoseikan with other representatives from Germany ( Mr Seydel ) Italy (  Mr Malatesti )
All were asked to consider setting up National Federations for the development of Yoseikan in each of their countries.
In 1956 with his authority from the Yoseikan ( Master Mochizuki ) Vernon C.F. Bell Founded the First British Karate Federation with the intention of forming a Governing Body for all Karate Styles in the U.K
In 1965 following correspondence with the Japan Karate Organisation ( Shotokan system )

Vernon Bell agreed to personally sponsor the first visit by a group of Japanese Shotokan Instructors.
although ultimately successful for the British Karate Movement, in particular for the Shotokan Karate system,
this eventually marked the downfall of Vernon Bells British Karate Federation due to internal disagreements between

Vernon Bell and his BKF committee members.

Vernon Bells dream of a multi style English Governing body faded away and his british karate federation was disbanded in 1966 with most of its members opting to join the newly formed British Shotokan Organisation.
As a result, Vernon Bell redirected his efforts back towards helping promote the Yoseikan Budo System of Karate
with the few loyal members he had left whilst also continuing his alliances with the many independent groups establish in Karate, Judo and Jujitsu throughout the U.K.
Without the help and guidance of Vernon Bell, Our Head Instructor Chris Clarry would never have had the opportunity to continue his Martial Arts studies in Japan
consequently, obtaining his later qualifications from Japan.

Currently he has over 53 years Martial Arts training experience behind him 

and holds the rank & title of Shihan 8th Dan

In 2001 Vernon C.F Bell Hanshi 10th Dan, the formally appointed United Kingdom representative for the

Yoseikan system by Master Minoru Mochizuki in 1956

presented Chris Clarry with official documentation entrusting him with the duty of continuing the original

Yoseikan Karate system Lineage.
Chris Clarry to this day continues to promote his system of Yoseikan in honour of his former mentors

actively teaching the students of the Yoseikan Karate Association U.K.

Vernon C. F. Bell Hanshi 10th Dan sadly passed away on the 27th Feb 2004 ( 1922 - 2004 )
A True Pioneer of British Karate and a dear friend and mentor, whom will be sadly missed by us all from the

Martial Arts community from the early years.

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