Chris Clarry Shihan 8th Dan.

Head of the Yoseikan Karate Association U.K

Chris Clarry is a Professional Martial Arts instructor with over 53 years Martial Arts experience behind him, having originally studied and obtained qualifications from Japan.

He is the YKA Trade Mark owner & bearer of the original United Kingdom Yoseikan Karate Kyokai linage as passed down to the late Vernon C. F. Bell 10th Dan 1922-2004 from our late Master Minoru Mochizuki 10th Dan of the Yoseikan, Japan. 1907-2003.

Chris started training in Yoseikan back in 1968 under the guidance of Vernon C. F. Bell, Founder of the British karate Federation, and later became one of Mr Bells most senior Yoseikan instructors before travelling to Japan to further his Martial Arts studies and later qualifying to his current rank.

Chris is also a qualified sports therapist and the owner of SportsMassage4u.com a local Sports Injury Clinic.


Rob Luck Renshi 5th Dan

Senior Instructor for the Yoseikan Karate Association

Rob Luck holds the position of the most Senior Instructor 

under Shihan Clarry and resides on the board of examiners for the YKA.

Also a resident instructor at the YKA Head Dojo,

Rob can often be seen assisting Shihan and on occasion stands in for Shihan, whilst he is away teaching, 

Rob holds the title of 5th Dan Renshi, a title only ever bestowed to the most dedicated and loyal of Shihan Clarry's  Black Belt students, he is considered to be his most knowledgable Black Belt Dan Grade to date.

He currently works as a senior sales manager.


Bradley Saunders Sensei 4th Dan

Senior Instructor Yoseikan Karate Association

Bradley Saunders holds the position of senior Instructor for the YKA and resides on the board of examiners for the YKA.

Next in Line from Renshi Luck to the most senior of positions, Bradley is also a resident instructor at the YKA Head Dojo.


He has been training in Yoseikan Karate under Shihan Clarry since he was just 5 years old .

Bradley is a University graduate and now works in London within the insurance industry.

Competent in all Yoseikan Kata, Weapons and Aikijutsu, Bradley is a highly competent Instructor in his own right.


Marc Eagles Sensei 1st Dan

Assistant Instructor Yoseikan Karate Association

Marc Holds the position as assistant Instructor at the Head Dojo for the YKA.

Despite his current rank Marc brings nearly 3 decades of experience to the table and is one of Shihan Clarry's longest running students.

Marc is a company director for a large company of surveyors.


Steven Arundell Sensei 1st Dan

Assistant Instructor Yoseikan Karate Association

Steve also holds the position as assistant instructor at the Head Dojo for the YKA.

Despite his current rank he also brings nearly 3 decades of experience having studied Yoseikan under Shihan Clarry since the age of 14yrs old and had previously trained in kickboxing.

Steve runs his own busy Plumbing and Heating business and is Gas Safe Certified.


Jamie Tam Sensei 1st Dan

Assistant Instructor Yoseikan Karate Association

Jamie Tam started training in Yoseikan Karate at the tender age of just 6 years old and has attended the head dojo under Shihan Clarry for over 10 years now.

he has earned the right to wear a Yoseikan black Belt through dedication and hard work and continues to study and assist in our Junior classes.


Eren Yuksel  Sempai 3rd Kyu Brown Belt

 Apprentice Instructor Yoseikan Karate Association

Eren Yuksel is a yoseikan student who has been training under chief instructor since he was only 6 years old and has now been attempting his bronze Duke of Edinburgh awards by helping teach the juniors class and because of that he has now been granted the role of apprentice instructor.

He has earned the rank of 3rd kyu brown belt and continues to study under chief instructor Shihan Clarry within the junior classes.

The Yoseikan Karate Association

 is proud to have taught and qualified a long list of Black Belts,

many of which have long since retired from active practice

but all are honoured on the YKA/UK Black Belt Register of Dan Grades

 for their contribution to the Art of Yoseikan

For More Information about our Register please contact us below.