Taikyoku Kata - The First Training Form.

I first began learning this kata over 53 years ago and even now i am discovering new elements,

Taikyoku is often interpreted as meaning "First Cause" or "Basic Ultimate" to denote its basic yet important nature. 

In the context that the word is written in Japanese Kanji (太極)

Tai means "big" or "great," kyoku signifies "extreme" or "ultimate."

Therefore, the kata can be translated as "Big Ultimate."

Taikyoku is also known as an esoteric term used to describe the Void.

The Void is a Buddhist doctrine teaching that life and all things are nothing more than illusions, impermanent in their nature.

So too can Taikyoku be viewed, as a form stripped of all complexities and extravagance, leaving only karate's truest and most effective form: move, block, and punch.

Below I have included a brief video demonstration which was taken some time ago at my head dojo, this is a slow version of the Taikyoku Shodan Kata which i hope will help my new students grasp the basics and enable them to practice at home by using the video as a visual reference.

Chris Clarry Shihan 8th Dan

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