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prides itself on producing high calibre Instructors....  meet our Best,  

Rob Luck 5th Dan and Bradley Saunders 4th Dan.

Rob Luck Renshi 5th Dan Black Belt.

Senior Instructor YKA.UK

15 yrs YKA Experience.


Rob Luck also began his Martial Arts training at a young age, first in Judo as a child and then later trying his hand at Wing Chun and then Free style Karate before eventually finding Yoseikan.

Despite having a young family, a very busy work life and living some miles away from his nearest Dojo, Rob has dedicated all of his spare time to training in Yoseikan Karate, working his way up through the ranks the hard way attending every possible class run by Shihan Clarry and making the most of opportunities for one to one tuition with Shihan Clarry.

He assists and covers for Shihan in his absence and is an extremely competent Instructor which has earned him the right to his current status as senior assistant instructor and close personal friend of Shihan Clarry.

Rob Luck Holds the Title Renshi 5th Dan Yoseikan Karate and 1st Dan Yoseikan Bojitsu.




Bradley Saunders Sensei 4th Dan Black Belt.

Senior Instructor YKA.UK

16 yrs YKA Experience.


Bradley Saunders began training in Yoseikan under the guidance of Shihan Clarry at just age 6yrs old.

Working his way through the grades as a junior and coming top in all classes he attended he has now surpassed all to become one of Shihan's most talented students.



Despite attending university Bradley continued to pay regular return visits to the head dojo throughout the 4 year study period achieving his economics degree recently and securing himself a full time employment in London.

Bradley has now returned back to the Honbu Dojo where he can be seen regularly assisting Shihan with his classes.

Bradley Saunders Holds the title of Sensei 4th Dan Yoseikan Karate and 1st Dan Yoseikan Bojitsu.

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