Brief Description of Yoseikan Karate Association U.K

Yoseikan Karate Budo is a unique blend of the traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

It combines techniques of throwing the opponent as with Judo,

locking and restraining the opponent as with Jujitsu.

Controlling and neutralizing the opponent as with Aikido

and striking the opponent with techniques as used in Karate employing the hands and feet as natural weapons.

Our Art also includes the practice of various weapons from Traditional Japanese Kobudo such as Bojitsu, Nunchuku, Tonfa, Sai, Bokken to name a few.


Yoseikan Karate is our foundation art and the first element of our system to be learnt.

Yoseikan Karate remains true to its original Budo form avoiding sporting competition.

Training purely as a Tradtional Japanese combative art - not sport, Its aim is not only to prepare the student to deal with all types of aggressive physical assault but also to improve the fitness and health of the practitioner whilst building towards a more confident self aware individual.


Our United Kingdom Chief Instructor  Chris Clarry Shihan 8th Dan currently has over 49 years Japanese Martial Arts training experience behind him.

He continues to promote the name of Yoseikan in honour of our founder

Master Minoru Mochizuki 10th Dan Yoseikan Japan,

and Vernon C. F. Bell Hanshi Founder of the British Karate Federation 1956.


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