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Yoseikan Karate Budo is a unique blend of traditional Japanese Budo Arts

its emphasis is aimed towards polishing the students character

firstly by means of improving the fitness, health and well being of the student whilst at the same time developing self confidence,

a greater understanding and respect of the traditional Japanese Budo Values as followed by the Bushido ( Samurai Code )

Avoiding Sporting Competition and training purely as a traditional

Self Defensive Art.

Yoseikan Karate Combines technical elements from

Karate, Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido

as well as a selection of traditional Japanese Kobudo weapons

such as Bo, Tonfa, Sai, Nunchuku and Bokken to name but a few.


All students of Yoseikan, young or old are instructed in our structured traditional Yoseikan syllabus which incorporates authentic

Yoseikan Karate Kata as well as a wide range of traditional Kobudo Weapon Kata.


The Yoseikan Karate Association U.K grading syllabus
to 1st Dan Black Belt contains 25 Karate Kata,
Atemi Waza ( Vital points study )
a wide selection of Judo Nage Waza ( Throwing techniques )
Aikido projection and neutralization techniques,
Jujitsu techniques such as Shime waza, Sutemi waza
( Chokes and Sacrifice techniques)
as well as various Shime ( Chokes and Oseakomi ( Pins )
for use with our ground work for grappling and completion moves.


We are located at:


Main Road Woodham Ferrers


CM3 8RW.


Head Dojo Est.35yrs

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