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Brief Description of Yoseikan Karate Association U.K

Yoseikan Karate Budo is a unique blend of traditional Japanese
Martial Arts.
It combines elements from
Employing the hands and feet as natural defensive weapons whilst using Kata to help develop the skills needed to coordinate defensive applications.
25 Kata are required for a Shodan in Yoseikan.
Judo & Jujitsu 
Employing throws, restraints and locks whilst developing the students grappling capabilites.
Helping develop the students understanding of controlling, projecting and neutralising the opponent by using the aggressors energy against himself.
Traditional Japanese weapon training
in the disciplines of the following weapons
Bo, Jo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchuku, Bokken
to name but a few.
Training in Yoseikan will help you gain a greater understanding in the traditions of Japanese Martial Arts and their unique culture.
It will enhance the students understanding in Japanese language
whilst also helping to develop the self confidence, fitness and health of the practitioner.
Yoseikan Karate Budo is not a competitive system and therefore avoids sporting competition.
Our aim is focused towards preparing the student to deal with as many forms of aggressive physical assault as possible,
develop a more self confident individual and build upon the fitness and health of each practitioner.
The United Kingdom Chief Instructor and Head of our U.K organisation
is Chris Clarry Shihan 8th Dan,
he currently has over 49 years Martial Arts experience behind him and works as a full time professional Martial Arts Instructor.
He continues to promote the system of Yoseikan Karate Budo
in honour of our Great Master and founder of the Yoseikan Japan,
Master Minoru Mochizuki 10th Dan, Yoseikan, Japan.
The Founder of the British Karate Federation 1956
Vernon V.C.F. Bell Hanshi.
The Yoseikan Karate Association U.K is the only official Governing body for this system in the United Kingdom.
All services supplied by the YKA are protected by U.K law
governing registered trade marks.

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The Yoseikan Karate Association U.K is a registered Trade Mark. No. UK00003025844 Copy Right. Chris Clarry Shihan